"Riding the Bus with My Sister" by Rachael Simon: Informal Response.

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In the novel "Riding the Bus with My Sister" by Rachael Simon I found that the many issues and ideas developed in the book are very important in today's society and apply to most people in some way or another.

Probably the issue dealt with the most in the book is tolerance for the physically or mentally challenged. Throughout the book there are many instances of this for example Gus, one of the bus drivers, tells Beth that she shouldn't be going into the driver's room even if she just goes in to use the bathroom. As you read on you later find out that some driver's, even past friends, can't stand her. Most have a tolerance for mentally retarded people but Beth is different, this ties into another issue but more on that later. This intolerance doesn't only exist with the drivers who know Beth but complete strangers also feel the same way as she chats persistently at the front of the bus.

This intolerance can mostly be found in old people because back in their day the mentally retarded weren't given so many freedoms and now that they are why shouldn't they have to earn money like everyone else? Some even decide to speak up asking whether she has a bus stop because they want to embarrass her for instance. A few people here and there even befriend Beth like Jacob or Rick and a few passengers of the bus too. But even her sister can't stand her sometimes; Rachael constantly battles a dark voice inside her. This voice tells her to get angry at Beth for her flaws sometimes this voice wins leaving both Beth and Rachael hurt. The family's intolerance is also told through flashbacks witch appear frequently throughout the book. Like...