Right to Abortion

Essay by KatinaccA+, June 2005

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Although abortion is one of many controversies in the American culture, it should be a woman's right. People often state that they are against abortion and that abortion should be illegal. These are the people that need to take the time to try and understand the circumstances that a woman may be in when she decides to have an abortion. Make believe for a second that you are a person that is against abortion. Now think of yourself as a woman that has been raped who finds out that she is carrying the fetus of her attacker. Or, think of yourself as a victim of incest, carrying the child of a relative. Would you want to keep and raise a child that would be a constant reminder of a horrific event? Nine times out of ten you would not want to do that.

Horrific events may not always be the issue when it comes to a woman aborting a child.

Aborting a fetus could be the decision as a result of a life or death situation. A woman may feel that she is not financially stable enough to raise a child and decides to abort. Or a single woman may have experienced a mishap and became pregnant when she actually wanted to have children after she married. There is also the woman that becomes pregnant and aborts because she couldn't deal with the pressure that she received from her mate or her parents to abort the fetus. There are several factors that may play a role in this decision, but the point is that it should be a woman's decision, not the governments or anyone else's decision.

The Supreme Court's 1973 decision to legalize abortion, Roe vs. Wade, established that a woman's right to choose abortion fell under the...