Right an arugmentative essay against materialism in our society

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Materialism is a wakening of shallowness.

We are all submerged in the sea of materialism. Whether it has to do with having the finest cars, latest cellular phones or having name branded clothing. Society is being drawn into this whirlpool and it seems we are drowning in enjoyment.

There is an old adage which says; 'the root of evil is money.' But money is not the problem. It is society's love for money which has caused the problem. We have become so obsessed with the concept of showing off our material wealth, that we have lost touch with reality; thus causing money to be a cunning serpent in our world.

Society has grown up learning that success is rooted in material wealth and power. So... when it comes down to adolescent's choosing their career path for their future, they are fixated on the career which is going to make the most money; the quickest possible way.

In order for them to indulge themselves with material status. Regardless of the fact if these adolescent's are well suited for their career or even if they take delight in what they have chosen. As long as their bank accounts are increasing, all other aspects of life are irrelevant.

When speaking on materialism, the word addiction comes to mind, but not addiction in terms of drugs; but the effects of material mindset which bear all hallmarks of chemical dependency. Whatever the drugs are a person might take. It is for one simple reason; they want to feel happy, high, relaxed, free from fear and more in touch with life...

Society has a materialism addiction; we are trying to make ourselves feel better. But happiness is usually temporary: as soon as the 'high' wears off we are in search for...