the right to bare arms

Essay by clgerhardt May 2013

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Recently the major news in congress has been about our second amendment right, the right to bear arms. In the class book Elements of Argument there is an article by Warren E. Burger that states his position on the debates against the second amendment and explains his idea that there should be prerequisites to meet before someone can be licensed to own a gun. Although his argument is well constructed and very well thought through, I am left with some questions. How would all these rules be enforced? How do you stop someone from stealing another owner's gun? Because of these questions I am going to argue for the complete end of US citizens to own guns at all.

In the year 2012 there were one hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred seventeen federally licensed firearms dealers. Fifty-one thousand four hundred thirty-eight of those dealers were actual retail gun shops, and the rest were pawnshops and collectors.

To put this in perspective the number of grocery stores and McDonalds added together was less then the number of retail gun shops alone. Therefore it's easier to purchase a handgun then it is to purchase a big mac. It's easier to purchase a rifle than it is to purchase a loaf of bread. The difference is that guns aren't perishable items. This means that guns can stay around for longer periods of time creating a greater risk of having a dangerous environment for whoever or whatever may be around the guns. Between the years 2006 and 2010 forty-seven thousand eight hundred fifty-six people have been murdered by firearms. This would be the equivalent to everyone in Ankeny being murdered.

Currently the only thing that will restrict a firearms dealer from selling to someone is if they have a criminal record or if...