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THE RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF THE BRAIN The brain is complex with twin hemispheres bound together by a band of fiber, which allows information to flow from one side to the other. The hemispheres have specific skills and abilities; however, there is often a complex interaction between the two hemispheres on most activities.

The right hemisphere thinks visually in pictures and images contrary to the left that thinks in words and numbers. The right brain specializes in visual images, face and pattern recognition, gestures, spatial relationships and proportions. The right is seen as gentle, emotional and more at one with the natural world, the dreamer that processes information in a holistic way. In particular it is involved with sensory perceptions and feelings.

The right brain is often seen as primitive and taken for granted. Modern culture focuses on language, logic, and orderliness that is most compatible with the functions of the left brain hemisphere.

ART and the CREATIVE ARTIST The right brain integrates sensory and emotional stimuli, which is required to capture the heart of a piece of artwork while the left brain analyzes and critiques the components contained within the work. If one was to look at a piece of art and determine they like it but can not point out logically why they like it, they are appreciating the work by the right brain without analyzing it with the left. There has been research to support that there is a connection between creativity and how the two hemispheres function. Some creative individuals have shown ability to balance and alternate between the right and left hemispheres.

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