The Right to Die

Essay by danna_carter2007A, February 2008

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We live in a wonderful land of opportunities, liberties, and rights abundant. America, where we each have personal freedom under her constitution, along with the right to defend any of the rights that this wonderful contry has bestrode upon us. If there were to come a time that due to some act of fate, we couldn't defend our rights. Do we loose them? If not then, who would defend them for us? Will this person be as adamant about our rights and wishes, as if it were their own, completely devoted to the final result, as if we were able to accomplish it ourselves. Present times offer the technology of modern medicines that can extend the lives of some above and beyond the point of where they chould have died. This also in most cases comes to the point of having no control over ones physical and emotional state. To some people this would not be considered living, especially if there is no chance for a better quality of life ahead.

Shouldn't it be ones choice of preference whether to apply all means to stay alive or not, if the quality of life would not be within the definition that we understand life to be. This has become a major issue between family, doctors, lawyers, and our judicial system. In fact the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitutions states, "No State shall deprive...any person of life, liberty or property, withour due process of the law."(Http://, US Constitution) Does anyone really know, "What is the right to die?" The dictionary defines the right to die as, "relating to, expressing, or advocating a person's right to refuse extraordinary measures intended to prolong life after a physician has deemed that person to be terminally or incurably ill."( The legal side of this issue began...