The Right of Freedom to Live

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There are many limitations to democracy, such as the fact that people can only vote NO or YES on a specific topic area. Also, people must leave most decisions to the people they elect, since they don't have enough time to continually vote. But there should not be limitations of our basic right of freedom to live and move about and enjoy our God-given birthright to be here on our planet. I think that in a democratic society the right of freedom to live should be the most important right of a citizen's life. But despite this, it is crushed many times and people who have this right do not give importance to it.

There are people out there working for various big international agencies, who are paid to have meetings about human rights and to come up with resolutions, which get redrafted, voted on, publicized, photocopied, and talked about some more.

If there are such people, why don't they do something to prevent killings of people in many places of the world? Why do they let hundreds of children die in Kosova's war and other wars? Why do they let death squads in Brazil murder street children? Children who are the most innocent creatures in this world sometimes are tortured or killed without any mercy. This happens just because children are too weak to protect themselves and they are too innocent.

In Brazil even there is no war. There are some death squads created mostly from policemen that murder and torture street children. These children whose lives are a terrible story are murdered just because the image that they create is not beautiful. Street children are forced to fight for their lives, freedom, and future. Just between 1989 and 1990, 4,611 street children were murdered in Brazil. These death squads are violating the right of freedom to live, and this should be condemned. What punishment should be executed for the members of these death squads? For sure, not death-the capital punishment!

I am against capital punishment that is allowed in some particular countries. It has been abolished by many states and countries, and we must look forward to the day when the other governments will follow suit. I think that people have no right to take the life of another person in their hands. The purpose of the punishment is to prevent the same criminals from repeating their crimes. Capital punishment is a notorious failure in these respects.

I think that even the worst person on Earth has the right to live. Mother Nature gave him/her the right to live and only she can take it away. It's not up to people to do that-they did not give it, so they cannot take it. The ones who live have to enjoy life because it is given just once. Like an English proverb says: "In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed".