The Right Kind of Wrong

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The Right Kind of Wrong

Leanne Rhymes' The Right Kind of Wrong is a song about loving the wrong person. In this song she sends a straightforward message, but she also uses some very powerful poetic techniques. Thus this combination carries a powerful significance to the listener. By using poetic methods like paradox, anaphora, personification, enjambment, and rhyme Rhyme's makes the song even more vivid to her audience. The idea of this song is clearly that this love that Rhymes feels to be so right is inevitably wrong.

This song tells the story of a girl who has fallen in love with the wrong boy. Everything that she knows to be wrong doesn't change her feelings of being so right. This is a case where Rhymes' head tells her one thing, that she should stay away from this boy, while her heart tells her another, that her feelings are too strong, and she can't turn away.

Rhymes intensifies this message through paradox. In fact the title of this song, The Right Kind of Wrong is a true paradox. For something to be wrong, how could it be right? Another example in this song is "All the pleasure is worth all the pain." How can any type of pain be a pleasure? Rhymes is using paradox to show the contradiction of her feelings. This in detail shows us that she is in a state of emotional turmoil.

Rhymes also tends to repeat this paradox throughout this song. She in this case uses anaphora to accentuate her feelings, and this puts a greater emphasis on what Rhymes is repeating. This repetition occurs through the entire song. She sings about knowing his reputation and in return this is "Bound to be a heartbreak situation." Rhymes in addition sings that...