Right To Life Essay

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Right to Life Essay

The death penalty and abortion both exist in our country whether we want them to or not. Many people would rather them both have never been thought o because they do not believe either is right. The Catholic Church is one of those groups who does not believe in these two subjects.

Then of course we have the president, George W. Bush, who believes in the death penalty but not in abortion. And finally there is me, who believes if you kill someone and get caught, they should kill you by lethal injection, just like in the Bible, an eye for an eye, and if a woman or girl gets pregnant, I think it should be her choice whether or not she wants to have that baby.

I do not think that it is any of the Church's or the President's business what a pregnant woman wants to do with her unborn baby.

They have all of these groups that rally against the death penalty but if someone broke into their house, kidnapped and killed their child, I personally think that they would change their mind on whether or not the state should be able to kill the criminal for what he or she did. I think they would definitely change their mind.

And then they have all of these other groups who rally against abortion in front of abortion clinics but if one of those people had a child and at a young age the child was rapped by a stranger or a family member and became pregnant, I think they would change their minds again and go to an abortion clinic and ask the doctor to save their family the embarrassment by aborting the child

Either way my opinion will never be heard...