Is It Right For Women To Abortions?

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Abortion, is it right? In a world where almost every country is overpopulated, why are people campaigning against abortion? Don't they think about the impact an overpopulated country can have on the economy. There are too many people not enough resources. A lot of people especially the lawmakers consider abortion to be unethical.

I believe that most of the time people make that decision because of economic reasons, too young to have a child, or simply they don't have enough time to take care of the baby. Another reason behind that is because of their career or they were not expecting any children anymore; it just happened by accident. We all know that people don't always use protection; sometimes passion and desires control us. We often use condoms, pills, and some people prefer abstinence, which is very hard in my point of view; it is almost impossible. What people have to think about is that women should have the first opinion on this matter because it is their bodies that suffer for nine months.

They should decide if it is right for them to take this kind of action by taking someone life as they call it. It is necessary to have an abortion if in the first few months of pregnancy you are not sure it's a good idea. Having an abortion is not only the mother's choice as always alone; it's also the father's too. For example, if a woman pregnant of her first baby, and she is married, she is very busy with work, what that couple would do will be based on both decision because it might be the last time she got pregnant. Having abortion all the time might be a cause for concern if that person purposely doing it, or simply never...