The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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As I was going through poems for my poem anthology, I remembered a poem which I wanted to read again thoroughly and analyze. I searched for it on the internet and I finally found it.

I wanted a poem which was not short and one which had a meaning or a story to it. I also wanted it to be clear and easy to understand. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner was of course lengthy, but it also has a story and a moral to it which makes it worth reading. The English used is very old fashioned. I am able to understand most of what Samuel Coleridge is talking about, but I am sure some of the lines have different meanings beyond what I have understood connected to it as well.

Subject Matter and Theme:

A mariner and a crew set sail on a ship. Things go fine and suddenly they are in distress.

An albatross shows up one day and stays with the ship. It eats food from the crew and plays with them doing no harm. The winds pick up once again and they start to get somewhere again. The mariner decides to shoot the albatross for fun. The whole crew turns against him and they soon face bad luck. The wind dies and they are stuck, going nowhere. The sun beats down on them and they have no food or water. Two hundred men curse him and they fall lifeless one by one on the deck. The mariner remains alive and sits there lonely and hungered. He tries to pray but his 'hearts is dry as dust'. He looks at the sea and sees colorful water snakes. He blesses them without knowing because they were living things and the wind picks up again. By morning, he...