The Ring

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In "The Ring", Lise shows bravery and cowardice when she is in the glade. In the beginning of the encounter Lise shows bravery when she commands the thief to get out of her life. Although they don't show how she commands him to leave, she still shows bravery.

In the story she also did not bargain for her life, which shows another sign of bravery. There could've been a reason why she didn't bargain for her life, maybe it would've given him the idea to kill her or it would have stirred up the confrontation. Which would have ended with a much more terrible loss, and instead she lost her ring.

In the confrontation she shows cowardice when she took it off her finger and tried to offer it to him. Which then the thief reached his hand out, and she dropped it. If she had been brave she would have screamed or ran away, because her husband was close, and he could have rescued her and the thief would have run away.

When she first sees him she begs him to leave which shows cowardice because she is afraid he will do something to her. And at the end the thief leaves and she feels free. She shows a bit of cowardice when she does not tell him where the ring is, she is probably afraid her husband will get mad at her for letting the thief go and losing the ring which is still in the glade.

In the story, Lise shows both bravery and cowardice, in a confrontation that only last a few seconds. The most cowardly action she makes is when offers the ring, which shows she does not care much about it. If she would have loved or cherished the relationship she would have not thrown the ring.