The Ring Barrier!

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The ring barrier!

It was March 1999, the day my parents planed to get married! As the day began it was a bright sunny morning, no clouds in the blue sky of Columbus, Ohio, just the glare of the sun coming threw our dinning room window. Jazmane and I was sitting on the couch waiting for my auntie to finish ironing our clothes for the big day. Jazmane is my older sister she is only 4 years older than me Jazmane says to me "Are you nervous?" I reply "No". Today I play the role as the ring boy at the wedding; Jazmane always tells me that I might trip! However, she was mean! When she told me that I'd reply "You might sneeze if you sniff the flowers!" because she was the flower girl!

After eating breakfast my auntie says "your clothes are done!" Jazmane and I dash to the hallway where she was getting our clothes ready.

Jazmane throws on her dress, I throw on my suit and tie and we say "ready!" auntie tells us to wait in the living room until she is all ready to go. As we sat in the living room 20 minutes, felt like 2 hours! Then we hear "Let's go!" We run to the door to get into the car Jazmane says one more time "don't trip!" all sassy as she can be! Then my auntie told to her stop and she laughs. My auntie always had my back she baby sat me when mom was at work and Jazmane was at school.

In the car we drove to the church where my grandma and grandpa was getting the church ready for the wedding, and my other auntie was in the basement of the church with some of my moms...