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Kaplan Integrated Technology

The units for this course can be found on the left‐hand side of the page in the Course Unit Navigation Menu. You can left mouse‐click on the unit name to see the digital components you are responsible for completing in that particular digital session.

When you first log in to your course, you will see the course home page. You can find the course tour, course objectives, contributors, and help desk icons on this page. You can also find announcements from your instructor and new activities from your instructor and classmates.

Course Units

Course Home

Welcome to KIT! KIT is your tool for academic success at Kaplan! Refer to this handout to navigate the KIT classroom effectively.

When you open a unit's digital session, you will see several tabs near the top of the page. These tabs and your responsibilities include:

• Home - Read the To Do List and Unit Outcomes for each unit.

• Journal - Reflect on the material you previously learned using the given prompt.

• Reading - Discover new material in the assigned reading.

Unit Tabs

• Video - Watch informative videos that you can download and replay.

• Discussion - Interact with fellow students in response to the discussion topic.

• Flashcards - Learn and review terminology.

• Activities - Explore key concepts further by reading and reviewing material.

• Games - Play games to reinforce knowledge.

• Assignments - Complete the given assignments to demonstrate your understanding.

This menu appears down the left‐hand side of the page. In this menu, you can move from one unit to the next and access the following components:

• Discussion board

• Quiz

Note: The unit quiz will assess your understanding of the material from the previous unit. Hint: Clicking the unit heading in...