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Year 1: Assess Current Status & Formulate Plan (2 years)

Project Start: 01/01/2007 for a projected move date of: 07/01/2011

Administrative and Research: (Completed 6/30/2007)

Identify IT relocation teams, reliable motivated people willing to make move

Conduct and document a strategic Current Assessment Analysis

Establish and document operational goals for new IT space requirements

Research legal aspects of business moves in China (review if needed)

Research legal aspects of IT communications in China (review if needed)

Create speculated budget for move, build in contingency fund.

Review existing space leasing, cleaning, services, and access agreements

Create list of changes desired to new agreements

Set due dates for inventory team to complete: (Completed 9/30/2007)

Inventory offices for desktop PC's, laptops, printers, copiers, phones, and furniture

Inventory multimedia equipment in use

Inventory communications equipment in use pagers, phones, faxes, and cell phones

Inventory equipment rooms: Types and sizes of Servers, switches, routers

Inventory software in use and licensing assignment (create database if needed)

Inventory key skills assessment by FTE (not all workers will be able to transfer with us)

Address short falls at this time, plan for IT expansion as Riordan's strategic plan states

Set due dates for design requirements of new spaces following inventory:

(Completed 12/15/2007)

Create a master IT relocation schedule of tasks with assignments

Define space requirements using foot prints of current equipment

Define if any there are special needs such as vendor validation or warrantee voids associated with self moving equipment (identify and plan for vendor move needs)

Design optimal arrangement of information preferably in centralized data center

Develop expected IT budget for move

Human Resources: (Completed 12/15/2007)

Work with HR to identify employees that will not move with us.

Create severance or relocation options for current employees

Create internal IT marketing plan to educate all IT...