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Riordan Generic BenchmarkingRiordan has had some issues that need to be addressed promptly. Sales have been declining and employee morale is very low. The company has been the leaders in their industry for a long period of time but they have not taken the time to make sure their employees are happy with the pay and benefits they receive. Riordan has employees who are high achievers and if these people were to leave the company, they would be taking with them valuable information that could fall in the hand's of Riordan's competitors and hurt their business. Riordan needs to update their reward system in order to improve morale and work ethics. The CEO realizes that something has to be done and is now in the midst of addressing the major issues and has hired a consultant to help identify the major issues. (Nice abstract)Southwest Airlines (Rodolfo)The purpose of the paper is to benchmark companies against Riordan manufacturing, benchmarking specific topics, seen in the scenario employee motivation, employee benefits and employee growth.

The company needs to research and create an analysis of other companies' best practices to implement the strategies in their HR system to lead Riordan to new growth and successful strategy implementation of the team model system. Good information to support your paperSouthwest Airlines has been designated by fortune 100's, one of the best companies to work for, the company has 100,000 applications for jobs a year, and the company basically has people in line to be a part of Southwest Airlines. The company has a work culture that focuses on working hard desiring to be the best on the job, persevere and innovate in their job description position. As well the company trains their employees to have a superb customer service, following Southwest golden rule that embraces to...