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Critical Analysis of Motivation & Rewards Solutions Riordan Manufacturing Abstract The following paper will provide a brief background explanation detailing some of the issues found in the Manufacture. There will a series of three possible solutions identified for Riordan where one will be officially chosen. A brief description of the chosen strategy and solutions will then be detailed to provide a better understanding as to why the solution was the best fit for the company. The paper will proceed with an elaboration of each Riordan department experiencing problems and how the chosen strategy solutions will benefit and help it succeed. To finalize this paper, there will be a recap of the issues facing the company and the effectiveness of the strategy chosen to solve them.

Introduction Riordan Manufacturing is a successful plastics manufacturing organization operating for at least a decade. Riordan has been very successful, but for the past couple of years the company has seen a decline in sales and profitability.

Also employee morale and retention have also become a huge issue for Riordan. In order to develop a strategy to address Riordan?s problems, the company must identify the problems and opportunities that are present. Riordan Manufacturing?s should develop and have an open discussion for alternative solutions to help the company find issue resolution and provide focus on available opportunities. There are five main problems Riordan should be aware of: ? Decline in sales and uneven profits.

? Poor morale and increasing employee turnover (includes problems with training, compensation, lack of recognition, etc.) ? Lack of leadership and unity within the leadership team.

? Ineffective human resources department and initiatives.

? Improvements with the internal issues (human capital) Riordan Manufacturing will become a much profitable and much stronger organization at all levels by building enduring, trustful relationships with its...