Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Manufacturing

Kenneth McLaughlin, Sarah Peak, Shirley Lee, Wanda Pauley


June 27, 2011

Jennifer Streker

Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing, Incorporated is a global corporation and industry leader in the plastic injection molding field. They have acquired international acclaim with their innovative plastic designs and attention to detail. Riordan has several factories in the United States and a factory located in Hangzhou, China and is owned by the Fortune 1000 enterprise, Riordan Industries. Riordan Manufacturing began operations in 1991 by Dr. Riordan, a chemistry professor; Dr. Riordan acquired several patents for a particular type of processing polymers. When the polymers are processed in the Doctors patented process the polymers become high tensile strength plastic substrates. He turned to business to market and sale plastic products. In building this review and introduction of Riordan Manufacturing a review of its annual income is in order. Riordan Manufacturing pulls in 46 Million dollars annually and employee 550 people across the globe.

Their parent company realizes revenue north of one billion dollars annually. This is a company with resources and a bright future in product innovation and design. Below will be a detailed description of current business systems as well as suggestions for needed improvements. The infrastructure changes will be a key in Riordan Manufacturing keeping its lead in the global plastics industry (Riordan manufacturing, 2004).

Before delving into a lengthy paper describing potential updates. This review needs to address standardization across the network as a key feature to any future upgrade. Standardization is expensive to implement but will save many hours and technical hurdles, in turn saving money. Standardization is the process of identifying key components such as hardware, software, and network devices and keeping them all the same throughout the network. This will provide easy maintenance and upgradeability across...