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Team Red Consulting, Inc. was afforded the opportunity to review and provide an analysis and recommendation of the existing network infrastructure for Riordan Manufacturing Company. This information is contained in their service request RM-0007. Additionally, this is an opportunity to expand TRCI'S horizons in the information technology areas of networks and telecommunications, where the focus is mainly on network efficiency and security concerns that Riordan Manufacturing is currently encountering. Furthermore, TRCI's, combined 20 plus years of extensive technical experience, will be helpful not only in immediate solutions, but resolutions for Riordan in the future


Team Red's qualifications include consultations services for information technology projects on current business needs using the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Method. This includes the analysis on current business needs and resources available. TRCI used the SDLC method to deploy various IT projects to include database management systems, network and telecommunication design, development and implementation and radio frequency identification technology projects.

TRCI's has provided companies the security solutions to enhance the safety of their most important asset: "their data". This is done through the use of software applications and tools for physical, and perimeter networks. For the Riordan Manufacturing project, we assembled the following team, which is outlined in the following organization chart for review.



Riordan Manufacturing Wide Area Network does not have network or security documentation for all locations: San Jose, California (headquarters); Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; and Hangzhous, China. Additionally, Riordan's security policies are outdated or non existent. In addition there is no known system access control network.


TRCI will provide analysis and recommendations on Riordan's Wide Area Network based on their service request SR-rm-007. Analysis will be performed by information gathering through meetings with Stakeholders and IT Staff and documentation review of...