Riordan Manufacturing PR Campaign: Strategy Paper

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Executive SummaryRiordan Manufacturing has worked hard in ensuring they are meeting their client's needs and establishing an objective that will work with finding a solution that fits the organizations main objective. Their two-year plan in reaching the $50 million revenue mark can be reached if the following is maintained: To continue increased sales to existing customers of 60%, expand sales by 40% to new customers, incorporate one system interface within all locations, and to remain the industry leader in identifying industry trendsAffects of Marketing within the OrganizationOnce the move of the San Jose corporate office is finalized, the marketing department will initiate a massive PR campaign. All other departments will be expected to assist them by providing a detailed overview of that department's function. Furthermore, each quarter all sales team members will attend a minimum of six tradeshows in a new industry or segment to establish a reputation in a new market.

Additionally they will be required to complete nine sales calls on new customers and sign at least two new customers per quarter.

As an added employee incentive employees reporting under the marketing and sales groups are eligible for the sales bonus program if all goals and initiatives for existing customers are successfully completed in the a given quarter. With these new incentives not only will our employees benefit, but existing and future customers will benefit as well.

Relationship of PR Campaign and Marketing with IMCThe PR campaign is set around providing information to customers, employees, and surrounding areas with information on what changes are being made. Within this campaign, there will be several marketing pieces that are distributed promoting the services of Riordan as well as focusing the promotions on the new services that will be provided. This type of marketing will provide the targeted publics with new...