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In 1991, Dr Riordan founded Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. an "industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding" (Riordan, 2008). They have created innovating designs of the plastic that have gained the international acclamation. Riordan has subsidiaries in Georgia, California, and Michigan, and in addition, they are global in Hang Zhou, China. They produce plastic for beverage in Albany, Georgia, plastic parts in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic part for fan for Hang Zhou, China. Riordan headquarter is located in San Jose, California and is there were they make their investigations and development. Riordan has some important clients, which are aircraft manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturer, beverage bottler manufacturers, and the Department of Defense. Riordan is a company in excess of $1 billions in revenues and with 550 employees through globe with projected earning of $46 millions. Riordan has three production facilities located in Michigan, Georgia, and China.

The company was in a very delicate situation with the diminution in sales revenue, low moral of employee; due to the deficiency of incentives and the retention of employee. Riordan's CFO knows that something have to be done immediately to change the situation. Riordan's human resources department, manager, and its employees need to work together.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationThe productivity either in Riordan organization of other company is been influence by the morale in employee. Riordan is decreasing its sales for the past two years; their employees are lack of morale and work ethics. Due to this tenuous situation, manufacture of Riordan had being forced to execute strategic changes in the manufacture and the marketing departments. The changes concentrated mainly in the practices of the sales, they being force to adopt a new strategy called customer-relationship management (CRM) system. Riordan has another issue with the redistribution of work in...