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Problem Solution: Riordan ManufacturingRiordan is a plastics manufacturing company that has recently made several changes in the way it manufactures and distributes products. The company recently implemented a Six Sigma quality approach and is now ISO9000 certified. This has changed the processes and procedures in the way goods are manufactured. The company has also adopted a new team approach to sales, in order to better facilitate the needs of its customers. Customer-segment sales teams include a sales person, a product engineer and a customer service rep. In response to declining sales over the last two years, the company has adopted a customer-relationship management system.

As these changes have been implemented, employee satisfaction and retention numbers has declined. Employee surveys show a decrease in job satisfaction, compensation and benefits. Management is divided on how to approach the problem. Each of the managers sees the problem from his or her own functional perspective.

Each area of the company has identified a disconnect between the required performance and the resulting reward. The Employee survey indicates falling ratings in compensation fairness, personal opportunity, and overall job satisfaction.

Management has hired Human Capital Consulting to conduct an analysis to identify the underlying issues of employee dissatisfaction, and to recommend potential solutions. The consultant has identified several problem areas and opportunities for improvement. They have also proposed a three-pronged approach to correcting the deficiencies. The Leadership team must decide how best to resolve the many issues.

Riordan Manufacturing Corporation is under pressure to revamp HR practices to boost employee morale and retain employees. This paper, through benchmarking solutions, will identify areas of concern that currently exist at the Riordan Manufacturing Corporation.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationIssue IdentificationThe issues facing Riordan include appealing to a multi-generational workforce; the threat of losing proprietary knowledge to competitors as dissatisfied...