The Rise Of Adolf Hitler

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The rise of Adolf Hitler The line between insanity and brilliance is fine. Insanity and brilliance are based on your perception. During Hitler's regime the German people perceived him as brilliant. History has shown us his insanity and we wonder why Adolf Hitler was able to become dictator of Germany. Hitler was able to become dictator of Germany because of his appeal to German Nationalism and his political strategies.

Hitler's appeal to German Nationalism was one of the main reasons he became dictator of Germany. Nationalism is the feeling of emotion for your nation. Hitler appealed mostly to anti-Semitism because it was a part of German culture and nationalism. Anti-Semitism was a part of German Culture because many schools in Germany taught that the Jews were the killers of Christ and also most of Germany was anti-Semitic because many Jews were wealthy bankers and were blamed for the Great Depression.

The Jewish race was thought of as a race that posed great danger to the Germans so by being anti-Semitic himself he appealed to German culture, which was a strategy, he used. Hitler was able to tell the Germans about his beliefs through propaganda. Hitler was able to get his propaganda schemes to work because he controlled the press in Germany. Along with propaganda Hitler created a crisis fire and blamed it on the communists. This appealed to Germans because most Jews were communist, also Hitler appealed to Germans by saying he would expand German territory and that he believed that all Germans should live in one country and they were the only people with rights. Many German people were highly in favor of this, which meant this was a great strategy to use on Hitler's behalf.

One other main way Hitler appealed to German nationalism was by attacking...