Rise and Demise of Walter White

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Walter White, a character from AMC's Breaking Bad, is a prime example of someone who changes from a passive, and cautious man; into one who exemplifies the qualities of a ruthless, power-hungry, drug king-pin. As a high school chemistry teacher stuck in a dull life, Walter White gets over burdened with the news of his terminal lung cancer and the birth of his newborn daughter, which leads to the pursuit of making money illegally in order to support his family. His character changes throughout the series and shows the audience how money can change even the simplest of men, and turn them into a completely unrecognizable person.

In the beginning of the series, Walter White becomes diagnosed with a form of lung cancer and this begins to worry him about the well-being of his family after his death. This fear of not being able to support them, leads him into the underworld, trying to make and save extra money in order to support his family.

Once he learns about his illness, he tries to keep the news hidden from his family and he tries to pay the hospital bills himself without anyone assisting him. He realizes his second job at a car wash does not suffice in paying his hospital bills, and thus enters the world of drugs and starts to manufacture high grade crystal meth.

The wife of Walter White gives birth to a baby girl, and the audience is shown the compassionate and loving side of Walter White when he is at home with his daughter. He then goes off to produce crystal meth in a private location and throughout the series the audience sees the once compassionate and humble Walter White, turn into a more evil, sinister character that will stop at nothing in...