The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

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The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)


"The man who is born to be a dictator is not compelled. He wills it. He is not driven forward, but drives himself. There is nothing immodest about this. Is it immodest of a worker to drive himself toward heavy labor? Is it presumptuous of a man with the high forehead of a thinker to ponder through the nights till he gives the world an invention? The man who feels called upon to govern people has no right to say, "if you want or summon me, I will cooperate!" No! It is his duty to step forward."

Adolf Hitler 1889-1945

Source: The

The preceding is an excerpt of a closing statement by my subject Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, in defense of his attempts to overthrow the democratic German government. This trial, which was to prove him guilty of treason, instead gave mass publicity via the printed press, resulting in Hitler and his ideals being spread through the nation, gaining much support.

It proves that adverse situations can bring about good. This adversity led to the beginning of the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The Formative Years

Adolf Hitler was born at 6:30pm on April 20, 1889 to Alois Schicklgruber (later changed to Hitler) and Klara Polzl Hitler. His birthplace was a small Austrian village, Braunau Am Inn, located near the German Bavaria border.

Ironically, Hitler's claim to fame was based on his hatred of Jews and other non-Germans, however, it was speculated that he might have had Jewish ancestry. (Source: Adolf Hitler, by John Toland 1976/1987)

Adolf was a special child, smothered by his mother, who had lost three children prior to his birth. At an early age, young Hitler became interested in war and in his memoirs 'Mien Kampf...