The Rise And Fall Of The Aztec Empire

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The Aztec Empire In Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of Conquest of Mexico, author Michael Leon- Portilla gives his readers a horrid account of the downfall of the Aztec empire by the Spaniards. The Aztecs occupied what we today call Mexico. They lived in what was known then as Tenotchtitlan which was their capitol. This part of the land was taken over by Hernando Cortes in 1521. The Aztec empire was a very forceful nation that was feared by all of their allies. Cortes landed on the main land at Veracruz on April 22, 1519 with Spanish troops on board. Cortes was at once welcomed by the Aztec king Motecuhzoma, who thought these foreign people were their God. He believed the Spanish to be the return of the God Quetzacoatl. Cortes and his troops were showered with gifts, gold, and jewelry. Cortes imprisoned king Motecuhzoma on November 8, 1519.

After his imprisonment Cortes ordered all gold found in the empire be melted down, and turned into ingots.

Many people including king Motechzoma were killed during the first celebration. Anew king arose within the Aztec empire who would lead a much more strategic attack against their enemies. King Cuauhtemoc along with his troops helped to keep the Spaniards on the run until they were defeated in 1521.

After the massacre at the fiesta celebration the Spaniards left to regroup and bring back more weapons. The Aztecs thinking the worst was over began to rebuild their settlement that was wrecked by the Spanish. The Spaniards returned to Mexico and made an alliance with the enemies of the Aztecs. During this time the Aztecs were hit with a great plague thought to be small pox. The people suffered from the disease for about seventy days and many died. Sores were found...