The Rise and Fall of Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Robert Louis Stevenson, like most authors, was both criticized and praised for his work. There were many people to review his work, before and after his death. No matter what people say, he is one of the most popular authors ever. A lot of the reviews I have read contain very interesting points. There are both things I agree and disagree with in the critical writings. The two novels I read while studying Stevenson's work were "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Treasure Island". Stevenson's praise and criticism were mostly received at different times. During his lifetime, Stevenson was one of the most popular authors ever. He was treated as a god in the literary field. There seems to have been no one who said a critical word of Stevenson until he died. He had most success with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886. He died not long after he became popular in 1894.

"He is gone, our Prince of storytellers, with the insatiable taste for weird adventure, for diablerie, for a strange mixture of metaphysics and romance."(1) That is how one critic analyzed the sadness of his death to the literary world. Overall, he did not receive that much success or popularity until he was almost deceased. It was when he died that his work came to the peak of its popularity.

For about the first twenty years after his death, Stevenson was highly praised by English language critics. He became the new great English novelist at a time when that title was a matter of national pride. His work and life were seen as a mystery to many people because he received little popularity until he died. Then, all of a sudden, he received tons of it. Many people began to review his life and...