Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

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Everything is nothing in the End:

Why Rome Fell

Rome was a great empire at one time. It stretched across the world, and has no doubt

Shaped the world as we see it now. However, it eventually started to weaken and fall. There was

not one sole reason that Rome to fall, but rather many varied ones. These reasons

included financial reason, loss of public support and outside invasions.

At its height, Rome was a shining example for the whole world to follow. Rome had

conquered almost a third of the world's land mass, stretching across Europe, Africa and

Asia. Rome greatly spread the concept of Western philosophy because every conquered

state would be influenced by this influx of Roman idea's. As you can imagine, the world

was affected when the existing culture and belief's were mixed with that of the Roman

one. The Roman's were great supporters of Art and Architecture, and the cities they built

were reputed to be some of the greatest in history.

Rome was very successful because they were good at so many things. Master strategists,

the smaller, better maneuvered Roman armies constantly fought and beat larger armies not

as well commandeered as them. Such examples include the Punic wars, where the

Romans, who were greatly out-numbered, beat the Persians in three wars. The did this by

Being smarter during the battles than the Persians, tricking them and forcing them into a

different position, one they did not want to be in.

They were also wise with their money. They used the resources that they gained from the

conquering and further financed their operations. The Romans were wise with their

money, and they got the best for their empire. The best teachers for their children, the

best weapons for their soldiers, and well, the...