"Rise and Walk": The Dennis Byrd Story.

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The Movie "Rise and Walk" is a dramatic look into the life of a man who loses the use of his legs. It also teaches us to never give up. After he broke his neck he vowed to walk again. He fought until that glorious day that he was once again on his feet.

Dennis Byrd states, "When I play football I feel perfect". He plays the game because he loves it, not because of money. When he first began playing, everybody was giving him a hard time because he was a country boy. He didn't let that slow him down, instead he used it to his advantage. Dennis fought for the position that he earned.

Dennis quickly proved himself a winner after he broke his neck. After he was first admitted to the hospital, he said determinedly, "I will walk out of this hospital". At first, he was scared to let his family members see him in that condition.

After a while, he decided that it would be better for them to see him after all.

One of Dennis' great qualities was his love for where his home was. He had a bag full of soil from his yard, which he scattered a bit of everywhere he went. Almost a way to make those places homes away from home. It was also a source of luck for him. This reflects a great pride in him about his family and homeland.

I believe this movie was a true success story. Dennis fought very hard for where he landed involving his football career. After his neck injury, he fought even harder, just to have the use of his legs returned to him.