Rise of the greatBlade part 3

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"Every great empire will someday fall" the dragon general roared at his army, "Our empire will too. But today isn't that day, today we fight, today we battle, and today we win."

And with that the two armies charged. The army of red covered the battlefield like spilled blood. The army of black covered the battlefield like night.

As the army of night and blood charged at each other, the sky darkened and filled with black clouds. Lightning flashed across the sky as the armies clash in a terrifying force and the booming sound steel upon steel that rang through the world announcing the beginning for the ultimate power struggle. Then the first blade that drew blood was a blade of silver of and gold. The blood fell to the once dry field followed by a black dragon's body.

Rain fell upon the heads of the dragon army.

Thousands fell already have fallen to the ground, many lay cringing as life floated from their body with every laboring breath they took. Dragons soared in the sky swerving and biting other dragons. Chunks of earth were flung at the red army in the sky, taking down dragons with deadly accuracy.

In that battle was Blade. He stood there, surrounded by dragons killing each other, rain and blood fell from the sky and onto Blade's head, streaming down his face, bloodlust burned into his eyes. Then he charged slashing at every dragon that came upon his path. Black dragon tried to use swords and arrows to hit Blade. He was scared on his arms, arrows prodding from his side yet Blade still fought. His breath was rasped like the dragons that had their lungs pierced but he kept going. Nothing stopped him until the butt end of a...