Rise Of Napolean

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 1769 in Corsca. He became a lieutenant in the artillery at the age of 16. He joined the army of new forces when the revolution broke out.

In 1796 Napoleon became the leader of the French army to go against Austria and the Kingdom of Sardinia. In Italy he had many victories and beat the Austria troops. He lost a battle in Egypt but he kept it under the press. Napoleon was put in charge of the military and he had a big rise in power called coup d'eta. The second Coalition lost against Napoleon and this was the first time in 10 years that France was in peace. Napoleon focused on restoring France at this free time.

Napoleon tricked everyone saying he was the constitutionally chosen leader for the free republic. The plebiscite voting gave Napoleon leadership and power to the first consul. At this time he restored the order at home.

He reduced government corruption by getting rid of corrupt officials and replacing with trained ones. He also set up lycees, public schools paid by the government. Napoleon signed the concordat that made a new relationship with church and state. The Napoleonic code was his best work he thought.

Napoleon was then crowned Emperor in 1804 by voters and the pope gave the crown to him. Then he conquered Europe by wining the Battle of Austerlitz and this made him happy and his troops. Napoleon never took control of Britain and the Ottoman Empire. Napoleon hated The British and he could never seem to conquer them. The French Empire was very big and napoleon was able to maintain it for five years.