The rise in the new herbal remedy Glucosamine.

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Glucosamine: A Safe and Successful Dietary Supplement?

The effectiveness and safety of Glucosamine is a subject of both complexity and diverse opinion. Like many of the new herbs introduced into today's economy, this one has supposed health benefits. But still, as with any new drug, its usefulness in its field is both defended and criticized. While some agree that Glucosamine has the ability to aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis, (its main purpose in medicine) others feel that its research is still limited and new, and therefore needs further analysis before making a definite prognosis. To fully understand whether Glucosamine is in fact a successful supplement one must first observe the history of the drug, what it is currently used for and if it has credible evidence supporting this, and lastly, if it has any health concerns that might speak towards its ineffectiveness.

Glucosamine is present in most human tissues, and is therefore thought to promote the formation and repair of cartilage.

It has been studied for close to four decades now, originating in Germany in the late 1960's. The research over this time period has been primarily studies comparing glucosamine to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Because of its functions in the repair of cartilage and such, dating back to birth of its findings, glucosamine has been continually related and tested towards the relief of osteoarthritis, or OA. Over the years, as research continued and progressed, the main function of the herb remained the same while its effectiveness grew in popularity. With greater and more specific studies, scientists and patients began to see that glucosamine was in fact benefiting the conditions of OA.

As discussed briefly above, Glucosamine has been tested for many years concerning treatments of Osteoarthritis. The disease itself is simply the continuing wearing and tearing on...