"Rising Five" Norman Nicholson (detailed info)

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This poem is about the fact that we never take out time to smell the roses.We are always in such a hurry that we forget to live the moments that we have.The very title 'rising five' was used for children who were to be admitted to infants school,but had not quite reached the age of five.Metaphorically,it depicts that the poet wants to rise,to go higher and higher and experience everything that life has in store for him. ' I am rising five', is an innocent declaration by the child that he is mature and growing up. There is happiness at the fact that he is rising and going to be five but there is impatience in the fact that he wants to rise so early. There is urgency in the situation. The phrase 'rising five,not four' ,shows that he does not want to be labeled as a kid,but he wants to grow up.

Theres rapidity ,quickness and impatience since the word 'rising' has been used six times in the poem.The poet wants to grow up and expand.

'Coils' literally indicate the texture of hair but metaphorically they imply the troubles and worries in the life of the poet. There is a lot of moral and psychological pressure on the poet as his eyes are 'brimful' to stare. He wants to see ahead and venture far out,beyond. Coils of hair 'unclicked' gives the sound of vibrancy, liveliness and indicate an action.This child wears spectacles of strong magnification since they make his eyes seem so large. 'Reflected cones of light' clearly suggests that he is looking at something through his spectacles and is focused at it 'Spectacles' imply a reflection of the poets future that he wants to see with his 'brimful eyes'.He is staring...