Risk Assesment

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Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment


Having the economically diverse population of 100,000 in all of America, the city of Genericville is having too many problems (Zaidi, 2007). The city is featured with the river at the center and the banks of it provide wetlands used for the purpose of protection from floods during spring time. These wetlands act as the nutrients to the birds and the fishes. The wetlands unfortunately, also serve as the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are inflicting West Nile Virus on the people that visit there (Ryan & Glarum,2008).


The general population of Genericville should not be exposed to Malathion in large amounts. However, there could be some citizens, which could be exposed to Malathion residues. Several studies have indicated samples of food and atmospheric samples contain Malathion. Citizens that will be at a risk of exposure to Malathion are the uneducated and the poor, especially if they have no knowledge of the application of the insecticide.

Handling or consuming food, which Malathion, has contaminated, is another risk. Another concern using the insecticide (Zaidi, 2007)

Malathion will cause the predators of the mosquitoes to die and harm the ecosystem. Authorities have concluded that a long-term risk to the environment is not possible because Malathion degrades rapidly after being applied into materials, which are harmless. The imposed risks of applying Malathion can be avoided with the proper education, precautions, and making the citizens aware of the risk. Education is important and needs to be an area of high emphasis to aid in avoiding exposure during the application of the insecticide, and to prevent citizens from having contact with any residues for at least one week after the insecticide is applied. One can conclude that the uncontrolled mosquitoes present unavoidable...