Risk Assessment what about drug?

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Some of the drugs issues we have are usage of cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. These are substances that damage certain parts of the body and has many affects.

When someone first starts smoking marijuana, he/she gets a sense of well-being, relaxation, a willingness to speak or laugh openly and sleepiness. As one continues to smoke it in higher doses, it causes mild sensory distortions, an altered sense of time, loss of short-term memory, lose of balance and difficulty in completing thought processes. Even higher doses can result in feelings of depersonalization, severe anxiety and panic, hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia . What happens is that the persons heart rate increases and the blood vessels of the eye dilate which cause the red eyes. Also they would get a feeling of tightness in the chest which causes difficulty breathing, and a lack of muscle coordination may also occur. (The Proven Cure for the Drug, p.


Cocaine is the most addictive drug, it takes from 39 sec. to 2 minutes to create a pleasure sensation; it wears off in 15 to 30 minutes. The afterward affects are fatigue, depression, and confusion. Once the substance enters the bloodstream it raises the blood pressure, increase the body temperature, effects the heart, and dilates the eyes. Since it is used by sniffing, repeating it several times would cause irritated, and runny nose. Cocaine would destroy the liver cells, give it lung damage, weight loss, and hallucinations. When taken, the drug causes the heart to beat rapidly, this constricts the blood vessels. The blood vessels increases pressure if there is a weakness in the blood vessel near the heart or in the brain. The more drug taken in would interfere with the signals the brain sends to the heart and lungs. This causes seizures and...