"The Risk of The Influenza Vaccine" This essay is about the side effects of the Flu Vaccine.

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The Risk of The Influenza Vaccine

The flu shot produces the best way to reduce everyone's chances of getting the influenza virus, but previous research has shown that it does in fact cause all sorts of different side effects. The flu shot does not always prevent the virus. Sometimes it can even cause harmful side effects. Each year the flu shot affects ten to twenty percent of the US population, and over one hundred thousand people are hospitalized including twenty thousand deaths (Marshall). People should not receive the flu shot because it can causes side effects.

Most people who receive flu shots acquire the common side effects. Seniorhealth.about.com said, "About 5 to 10 % of people have mild side effects such as headache or low-grade fever for about a day after vaccination."(Does) The low grade fevers maybe an offshoot symptom of GBS or Meningitis coming from the flu vaccination (NATIONAL).

Other side effects include fatigue, muscle aches, and soreness, the most common effect on the vaccination site. (Important) The symptom severity can alter in different people. Studies done in Personalmd.com said, "Young, healthy adults generally recover from the flu within a week and are fine. However, for those who are older or have other medical problems, the flu can be a life-threatening illness." (Brochert)

Polyneuritis defines as inflammation of many or all of the peripheral nerves. (Polyneuritis) Health.com showed that polyneuritis could occur when given the flu vaccination. This side effect may occur in hands or feet, and sometimes with paralytic symptoms. Some symptoms include tingling or altered sensation in affected area, and affected respiration. The recovery period is not short either. Complete recovery can take up to six months. (Acute) Paul, a person who was diagnosed with polyneuritis, explains of how he was treated, "a Doctor came round who...