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To: Senior Manager

From: OHS representative

Subject: A review regarding Burnley Tunnel Fire

Date: 27th October 2011



The Burnley Tunnel forms a part of the CityLink toll road system and is one of the pair of tunnels which carries traffic under the Yarra River and part of the city in Melbourne, Australia. The fire which followed a tragic road accident in the Burnley Tunnel on 23 March 2007 has heightened awareness of tunnel fire safety .This Memo analyses the relevant root cause hazards and risk associated with safety management. Number of recommendations will be addressed in order to prevent any such situation to occur in future. Accordingly, conclusion and further suggesting in long Tunnels road safety in Australia.


Over the next two minutes 103 vehicles passed the stoped truck without incident. By 09:55:24 seconds several vehicles, including 4 HGVs and 7 light vehicles had crashed, 3 people were dead. Fire and a series of explosions were initiated.

The accident occurred after a truck stopped on the left lane. Safety systems have closed the left lane and a response car was on the route of broken truck. Two cars driving in the left lane had damaged out behind the truck coming and tried to blend into the centre lane. One more truck traveling in the left lane came behind them and also experimented with to merge on the appropriate, but it has failed, or behind parked vehicles or stopping merger successfully. Approximately 400 people were advised by the tunnel's safety system to abandon their cars, to leave their keys in the ignition, and to evacuate the tunnel after...