Rita White And Shirley Valentine Comparative Essay: Conclusion

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Comparative essay: Conclusion Both Susan "Rita" White and Shirley Valentine are quest heroines. Who trough a quest, taking risks, and succeeding become someone who they are proud of, someone with choice. However both woman begin, by under going a personal quest for them selves, although they both under go a quest both quests are for two different reasons, Shirley valentine searches for freedom from the life she has "What happened to her? What's happened to Shirley Valentine? She got married-to a boy called Joe"(page 34). Her dream's where just dreams" Shirley's life was not at all as she planed " And even though her name was shirley bradshaw she was still Shirley Valentines. For awhile. She knew who she was. But someone along the way, the boy called Joe turned her into to him"(page 35) and her quest was to make her, dreams a reality The fact of wanting something for them selves, for once became the reson why both susan and rita under went these quest.

Trough out the quest's of both of these woman they undergo, obsticles and enconter a period of time when they both new that there was no truning back there was nothing left to turn to.

Susan incounters this when her housband Danny gives up on her" I got home from work, he'd packed me case. He said either I stop comin' here an' come off the pill or I could get out altogether.