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Ritalin is a very over prescribed drug in the United Stated. It is mostly used by people if they suffer from the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). If a person suffers from it, usually he cannot stay focused on basically anything, and most likely he doesn’t even know about it. Ritalin is a drug that helps you focus, but is so over-prescribed that it benefits the pharmaceutical industry more than the people with the disorder. To prescribe a drug which could be extremely addicting, to a person that most likely does not suffer from the illness, is just immoral.

According to the National Institution of Drug Abuse:” Ritalin, also known as Methylphenidate is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant; it has effects similar to, but more potent than, caffeine and less potent than amphetamines. It has a notably calming effect on hyperactive children and a ‘focusing’ effect on those with ADD.”

(http://www.nida.nih.gov/Infofax/Ritalin.html). Besides that, it is a powerful and addicting drug with many unwanted side affects. The most common ones include nervousness, decreased appetite, insomnia, stomachaches, headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness. Ritalin appears to influence mood and can cause some children to cry more easily, to have dysphoria (a generalized ill-feeling), and to be more socially isolated. For people that use it regularly, it could turn out to be very addicting. Also other side effects can exist such as the “rebound” effect. The “rebound” effect consists of changes in mood, irritability, and increases in the behavioral and attention problems that were there before the drug was taken. This happens because Ritalin is a short-acting drug that is usually given to a person in the morning and wears off a few hours later. This could also aggravate or even trigger latent conditions in kids such as seizures, Tourette’s syndrome, glaucoma, and severe emotional...