Ritalin, and how it threatens our future.

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Ritalin, and how it threatens our future.

Let's imagine this scenario: "John is a good little boy, he does what his teachers s and parents tell him to do without question, he follows their orders. John does as he's told. However, John wasn't always this way, he used to misbehave. He used to be busy, distracted, impulsive. He used to not pay attention, and annoy those around him". What happened? Why has John changed so drastically? He was diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and was prescribed Ritalin.

We are on the verge of blowing up a worldwide outbreak of the use of Ritalin among child and adolescents. This medicine has been used on a large scale, with Brazil in second place and the United States first in their consumption. For school age children, who suffer the disorder, medication treatment is the second option: the first is behavioral therapy, which includes the participation of parents.

But the big problem is parents don't have time and they have skipped the first step, as a result, a lot of kids has been misdiagnosing as ADHD.

The excessive consumption of "drugs of obedience" is the genocide of the future. Ritalin is derived from amphetamine and cocaine. Who uses this stimulant gets the attention focused. The children only do one thing at the time, so they're chemically bound, don't question or disobey. Furthermore, ADHD can be a cry for help from a child who is living in a conflict environment.

I know it's difficult to be parents, especially in this modern time where parents are often raising children on their own or while working, but it's important to stop using the ADHD label as an excuse for bad behavior and bad parenting. The misdiagnosis of ADHD is a social issue because...