Ritchie Parker's Drive

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Richie Parker's Drive

Richie Parker is a man who, although born with no arms, possesses a positive attitude and ambition in life that many who lead life with no physical incapabilties lack entirely. It would have been not only very easy for Richie Parker to become dependant upon others to help him through life, many would find it understandable if he was completely dependant. When faced with heavy challenge and despite negativity from many others, Richie decided at a young age that he would not allow the fact that he had no arms stop him from achieving anything in his life. I am inspired by Richie Parker's achievements in life, as they are living proof that genuine ambition and a positive attitude are the key ingredients to achieving my goals.

I am thirty three years old and have not been in school for roughly fifteen years. After spending the last fifteen years of my life working a gritty eight-to-five, five-days-a-week job, I decided that a job was making me very unhappy in my life.

Being that much of my life was being at this job, fighting the unhappiness it brought me became so overwhelming and I decided that a career is what my heart desired. Making the decision to leave the security of my job was both difficult and liberating. While the ambitious part of me was screaming with excitement, the part of me that has been working since I was fifteen years old was fighting off the fear of the unknown. It was the possibility of where my ambition, dedication, and hard work could take me that was the overwhelming feeling I felt when I decided that going back to school was the right decision for me.

Learning about someone like Richie Parker is not only awe-inspiring, it hits...