"Rites of Passage"

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There is a time when adolescent girls and boys experience a change of maturity in their lives. The "rite of passage" refers to marking the transition and separation in life from one position or change in the course of their life. There are some societies who recognize and observe adolescents transitions and hold ceremonies for this pivotal change in their lives. To mark their transition for some adolescent girls and boys their parents have a "Sweet 16, 18 or 21st" birthday parties. Most adolescent girl's transition in life is more celebrated than that of adolescent boys perhaps because the girl menarche is easier to establish than the boys menarche.

The transition of girls and boys consist of getting their drivers license, become of age to work, graduate from junior high or high school, start sophomore year in college, which is the initiation of approaching adulthood. There are some cultures that allow the adolescents to have dinner and drink wine with the adults.

These are part of the responsibilities identified with becoming an adult. Boys begin to communicate had have close ties and guidance from older males.

Adolescent girls and boys reach the maturational transition of puberty from sexual immaturity to sexual maturity two years before boys. Hormones contribute to their biological changes. In adolescent girls they grow breasts, have menstrual cycles, grow pubic and under arm hairs. They change their childish ways, stop playing with Barbie dolls, baby dolls, and other games they played with they were younger. They begin to act more mature than adolescent boys.

Maturational in adolescent boys begin with their bodies changing, the testicles become larger along with the penis, pubic, under arm, and facial hair begin to grow. Their voice becomes deeper and their body build begin to become defined with more muscle mass.