Rituals a story a bout a young girl trying to understand rituals.

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Everybody has some kind of ritual in his or her life, it may be small or very substantial but there is always a ritual. Rituals are something that are done in a series of actions and is regularly carried out in a particular situation, maybe because you are accustomed to doing it so it is naturally done without having any thought. I once heard a story long ago about a girl who tried to change her rituals, whether or not her plan was successful you'll have to read for yourself.

One sunny day, when the air was filled with the sorrows of a Monday morning, a young girl began her daily rituals of getting ready for school. She began by brushing her teeth, this was done every morning before everything else. Secondly she had breakfast, this was usually Coco Pops. Her parents were not concerned about the sugar level, as long as she ate something for breakfast they were happy because as they always said "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".

Lastly getting dressed so that she was ready for the new day. The parents thought she was just normal girl for her age, she did things that any other kid does, but she never seemed to grumble.

The young girl looked at herself in the mirror one particular morning and she realised that nothing in her life was particularly important and that everything was just a repetitive ritual. She wondered just how she had put up with doing the same thing every morning, for so long. This puzzled her, she was unsure of what to do and she didn't like the idea of continuing this dull, boring lifestyle but there seemed to be no way of escaping from it and doing...