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Tamaras Jack

02 April 2014

Management Information Systems

Dr. Kelly Fish


In the industry of luxury hotel management, the Ritz Carlton hotels a subsidiary of Marriot International are at the top of the industry. The Ritz Carlton specializes in providing the greatest upscale hotel stay experience that it can to keep its customer base returning. It faces stiff competition from the likes of other hotel brands such as: The Hilton, Fairmount, and Four Seasons, but one of the key advantages that the Ritz Carlton has had over the years is their high customer satisfaction standard. Ritz Carlton hotels have always been a brand that was driven by customer service, but what has changed in recent years is its method for obtaining data that shows patterns of their customer, through the usage data mining and customer relationship management databases. In the past it had to note all customers' behaviors on chalkboards and paper files, and the processes of having the instant knowledge needed to connect and impress the customers was difficult to maintain, but customer relationship management systems have drastically changed the processes into a simpler more refined method.

Data mining effect on Ritz Carlton's CRM databases

Data mining has been a very important component in the Ritz Carlton's use of CRM systems. Data mining is the exercise of investigating big databases for the purpose of generating new information. Data mining uses complicated and complex mathematical algorithms to compute and analyze the data. The Ritz Carlton has been effective with the use of their CRM systems due to their key software components obtained through large data warehouses that store information that is input by management and employees or inadvertently the guest themselves, the software that the hotel uses to obtain and govern their customer interactions include e-commerce and the hotel...