Rivals: Hitler vs. Churchill

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Adolf Hitler was an amoral man, ruthless and incapable of creating personal friendships who looked upon his fellow man as a mere brick in the future building of the world he hoped to erect. Winston Churchill was a brilliant tactician who fought tirelessly for his people and beliefs. One is regarded as a hero and people's champion. The other, as perhaps the most villainous despot in all of history who surely will be 'getting his' for all eternity. How could two human beings lives be so close at some points, yet be at opposite ends of the spectrum the rest of the time?

Born April 20, 1889 into a very humble childhood, Hitler was very ambitious at a very early age. He decided on ruling the world at fifteen years old. Born November 30, 1874 into an aristocratic, well-to-do family, Churchill was also very determined to succeed. Both children led very unhappy childhoods.

Emotionally poor, they clung to their mothers for support. At the age of twenty-five they started taking different paths. While the Brit gained a seat in parliament at this age, the Austrian was unmarried with no career, wandering the Vienna streets.

Both were avid artists and military men. While one (Churchill) succeeded in both ventures, the other (Hitler) did alright for awhile before eventually failing miserably. A graduate of the Royal Military College, Sir Winston Churchill went on to be the admiral of the navy. After being the scapegoat for the Galipoli campaign defeat, he resigns and tries his hand in the army and politics, in and out of office throughout the rest of his life. A political maverick, not afraid to vote his mind over his party, he shifts political affiliations several times during the course of his career. After his failed artesian endeavor, Hitler dodges...