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Christii Wenting Sun

Modern Dance (Friday 9am)

December 10, 11

River Dance

The concert that I watched is called "River Dance." It is a theatrical show which contains the traditional Irish step dancing. In 1994, a seven-minutes long step dancing show was performed during 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, and then people made it to be a two-hour performance. River dance is, in essence, the story of the Irish culture and of the Irish immigration to America. A website investigates, " River Dance is produced and directed by husband and wife team John McColgan and Moya Doherty, controlled through their production company Abhann Productions, based in Dublin. In November 1994, tickets were sold in Dublin for the first full-length performance of River Dance, which opened at the Point Theatre on 9 February 1995. The show ran for five weeks and was a sell-out with tickets sales of over 120,000."

In the show, besides the step dancing, it also involves the Flamenco, the ballet dance, and the Jazz.

There are three sections in the"River Dance." Each section also contains several different parts. Ladies in the concert are all wearing the dresses and they look so wonderful. As I mentioned that each section is divided by several parts. So ladies are able to change their clothes during the breaks. Moreover, men are wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts during the show. If you ask me do they wear something same? I would say the most common thing would be the shoes. Everyone is wearing the shoes which look like business men's shoes. However, they are actually called "tap shoes." As we know all the step dancers have to make the tap sounds when they dance, so I believe that their shoes have the machine that can...