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What kind of book do I think this is?


All of the Chapter titles:

Reindeer Can't Fly

A Question in the Balcony

The Hammer of Life

An Explosion in the Print Shop


Between the Barn and the Fence

A Little Knowledge

Meeting Dr. Freud

Escaping Decisions

The Gamble


A Crisis

Crucified with Christ

A Glint of Resurrection

Unwrapping the Grave Clothes


He will Reveal Himself

Four Rivers of Universal Faith

The River of Tradition

The River of Intuition

The River of Reason


Five Rivers of Living Water

The Spirit of God

The Teachable Moment

The Fellowship of Faith

The Process of Following


The two that caught my eye most and why:

A Little Knowledge - The questioning of God and the Bible. I Liked his fathers answer. Knowledge is power.

His story connects with mine when:

Walker questions the Bible and how big God is.

The realization that God is bigger than questions asked and requests made. Sometimes unanswered prayers are the greatest gifts.

The chapter that identified with me was:

Squeezed - He is trying to find his way an bargains with God in that he will do Gods will and he was prepared to do anything God wanted. And God was silent. In Walker's desire to do what God wanted and to be poured instead of waiting to be molded. There have been many prayers I have asked if you do this I will do that for you.

The chapter that engaged me last was:

Between the Barn and the Fence - I was 17 when my daughter was born and responsibilities came easy for me. I always know what has to be done and when to accomplish what needs to be done.

The four rivers of faith and 6 insights concerning...