The Road Not Taken

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Robert Lee Frost is the author of ¡§The Road Not Taken. He was born in San Francisco, Mar. 26, 1874 and dead Boston, Jan. 29, 1963. He is the one of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. An essentially pastoral poet often associated with rural New England, Frost wrote poems whose philosophical dimensions transcend any region. Although his verse forms are traditional--he often said, in a dig at archrival Carl Sandburg, that he would as soon play tennis without a net as write free verse--he was a pioneer in the interplay of rhythm and meter and in the poetic use of the vocabulary and inflections of everyday speech. His poetry is thus traditional and experimental, regional and universal. I had read this poem in my high school¡¦s English class.

This poem has almost all the poetic devices, but the only one poetic device is not has is the simile.

It is in regular form that has the straight meaning. For example, in the first line two roads is meaning the two ways that Robert had to chosen. The rhymes in this story has the couple of pairs such as the two: to, then: though, and oh: two. In addition, the meter is five lines in a meter, which I show on the marked copy. There are many shapes, which support the meaning. The last line of the poem ¡§and that has made all the difference.¡¨ which is a good example of the shape.

The theme of ¡§The Road Not Taken is telling us that sometime people is miss something when they have to chose a way that is between 2 or more way. However, after they go in a while they know they were wrong, but the time couldn¡¦t go back. As the last sentence in this poem it mean if he chose the other way then no everything could be change and his life feel could be better than now. The tones of the poem, it is more of a revelation, or a realization and it is a hindsight, or that the poet is writing about his past.

This poem makes me remember back in the time that my whole family plan to move to here. At that time, I can chose to stay in my country or come with my family. So I realized that the felling in this poem which the writer try to show. I think not only me that have this type of experience but also every body has this comment feeling too. Therefore, that is why I chose this poem for my poetry project. It is not only touching my heart, and most of the people have this feeling too.