Road rage

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" Road Rage "

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Ahmed El Attari

Yacine El Benna

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You're stopped for a red light of several cars. The light changes to green. No one moves, so you give light toot on your horn. The driver immediately in front of you responds by opening his door, getting out, and giving you a blat of obscenities and gestures. This is a typical example of road rage. Road rage can have different types and causes. In fact, there is no singular, definitive confirmation of what constitutes road rage. The term "road rage" is used when a motorist or a passenger intentionally attempts to injure, intimidate or kill another motorist, passenger, or pedestrian. But what about those instances where one driver aggresses another and unintentionally causes the latter to be involved in a violent and/or deadly accident or unintentionally causes the latter to suffer such emotional duress as to produce a deadly heart attack or stroke? Should the aggressing driver be charged with road rage? As a global definition we can say that road rage is an intentional and violent - moral or physical- act that causes directly or indirectly physical or emotional harmful effect on another driver or passenger or pedestrian.

The fact that road rage hasn't a single definition makes the choice of appropriate sanctions complicate. This is why there is no specific charge for "road rage". In addition, this phenomenon has started as some small observed cases in different countries and soon those cases had become more frequent to the point of attracting the authorities concerns. Therefore, to shed up light on this problem, we will examine some types, causes and consequences of road rage


Types of road rage

We can distinguish different types of road rage. Those types can be...