Road Rage

Essay by qwertykm123 March 2009

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I have been a driver for a very long time, a thing I truly do enjoy. I currently drive a Nissan Altima which has provided to be quite helpful over the years. It could be 4 o' clock in the morning when buses are running slowly and taxis are racing through but I can always count on my car to get me where I need to go safely. I respect people who drive and consider them to be on my level of life. People usually think that when you own your own vehicle or you can drive you start to establish yourself as responsible and independent individuals which in most cases it is true. However in other cases I wonder why many of the drivers on the road have their license.

While driving it seems that everyone is going about their day and doing everything as they are supposed to while following the etiquette of driving.

However, there are always going to be some person that decides they want to be "cool" or want to break the rules - or even plain and simple just don't know how to drive. And for those people out there, that is why many of our best drivers have road rage. "Road rage is the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use." [1]There are many different forms of road rage. It all depends on the type of person you are and what was the incident that drove you to react in such a behavior that would result in road rage. For me personally it drives me into rage when drivers decide that they want to break the speed limit just to see if...